Staffing Services

Infinity Quest (IQ) is a leading global provider of permanent and contract staffing services within the fields of IT, Engineering, Finance, Retail, and Healthcare. We have over 15 years experience within the recruitment industry and have catered to a wide variety of clientele from Start-up, SMEs to global corporations.

Onsite Staffing Services


Contract Staffing 

IQ provides cost-efficient and genuine consultants for all your resourcing requirements. We are pioneers in recruiting consultants for contract positions in all industries and domains. However, we provide swift access to qualified talent and an expert approach to matching the right candidate for the right position in driving better business results. Therefore, our stringent and effective screening process ensures you get extremely talented and technically proficient consultants for your organization.

Contract to Hire Staffing

At IQ, we provide you with the option and flexibility to hire our consultants deployed in your projects on a contract/ temporary basis. As a result, you can retain the best talent and get them into your permanent roles to further strengthen your technical competency.

Permanent Staffing

At IQ, we have decades of experience in recruitment. Firstly, our employees have mastered the art of skillfully procuring the right consultants in various industries and domains for your organization. Secondly, our modern and innovative approach towards recruitment enables us to meticulously find, evaluate, and place the best-suited candidates for your unique requirements. Thirdly, we cater to clients ranging from start-ups, small, medium, and large enterprises to Multi-National Companies. Recruitment can be a tedious process and we are here to address all your staffing needs. In Conclusion, by partnering with us you can save a great deal of time which can be spent effectively on expanding your business.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

The labour market is becoming extremely dynamic and employees change jobs more often than at any other time. This trend of tedious recruitment activity demands a lot of time. As a result, encouraging RPO, so you could focus on your business and we can help with your end to end recruitment process right from sourcing, screening, interviewing, background checking to coordinate offer letters and onboarding of skilled resources. Our expert team has extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment process outsourcing. Therefore, we cater to organizations of all sizes at effective pricing. With a transparent and strongly skilled recruitment team, our experts work in tandem with the client managers to ensure the best-suited candidate is hired for your organization fulfilling all the SLAs.

Offshore Staffing Services

In the Offshore staffing services model, our consultants work for you from our office in India. Although you will have complete flexibility in managing the resources yourself or we can do it for you. Consultants will work from our premises under your supervision.

Employer and employee shaking hands


  • Cheaper model and can be operated at more than 50% lesser cost compared to the onsite model
  • Round the clock development facility – Offshore teams can work on 3 shifts for continuous operation
  • We provide you with best in class consultants at a marginal cost on any technology stack
  • Total flexibility to scale up or scale down
  • Complete control over project development
  • Transparency, progress visibility and integrity guaranteed
  • Best suited for projects with clearly defined deliverable and milestones

Our Approach

Our staffing services approach is simple: to listen and understand the needs of our clients and meet their expectations every time. In conclusion, our track record of meeting our clients’ service level expectations is a direct result of our insight, attention to detail, and our desire to achieve effective results.

However, we aim to develop long-term relationships with clients built on consistency of service and an in-depth understanding of their business, culture, and goals. As a result, our existing long-term relationships demonstrate that our approach is successful and our services are valued.

Contract Service Levels

Our team of experts analyse the client’s business case and agree on concrete deliverables and deliver at the stipulated timelines.

60% of our clients prefer to opt for IQ’s Service Delivery Model.

3 CV’s

2 Interviews

1 Offer

Our contract ratio shows that for every 3 CVs submitted, 2 will be interviewed and 1 will be offered the contract.

Permanent Service Levels

Our consulting team hand holds every client, across their digital-transformation journey, ensuring client satisfaction, cost-savings & maximum efficiency.

40% of our clients prefer to opt for IQ’s Consulting Services Model.

5 CV’s

3 Interviews

1 Offer

Our permanent ratio shows that for every 5 CVs submitted, 3 will be interviewed and 1 will be offered the role.

Our Recruitment Process

  • Our selection and staffing services process is rigorous, efficient and effective and has the added advantage that comes from our detailed knowledge of the sector
  • Our database of candidates is always up-to-date. It contains an excessive number of candidates at any one time but, it’s the quality of those candidates that sets us apart. We use SQEP (Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel) as a basis for selection and that means every candidate must satisfy the following criteria
  • Satisfactory completion of a professional, engineering or technical qualifications where appropriate
  • Previous relevant experience which facilitates a seamless integration into the role
  • Experience of safe and incident free working and operation in a similar working environment
  • Compatibility with the company culture and a suitable match to the details of the person specification

Our Expertise

Travel and Hospitality
Big Data & Analytics
Robotic Process Automation
Digital & Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics
Risk & Compliance
Banking Operations
Finance & Accounting

What Makes IQ Different?

We take the time to learn our client’s businesses inside out before identifying ways to improve efficiency and reduce expenditure in every aspect of their recruitment. Further, our partnership focuses on empowering clients and this begins with an honest appraisal of how much input by us is required to achieve the desired outcomes.

We have a healthy candidate database. We engage in market and industry networking and activities to develop and maintain our high profile. You will benefit from an industry leading team managing your account. Your account manager will act as the single point of contact, supported by a team with proven success in the recruitment of IT and engineering professionals.

Why IQ

• Quick access to qualified and skilled manpower
• A team who works with clients from end-to-end offering real collaboration
• High value, long term relationships with clients and candidates
• Proven results: our clients’ have indicated high satisfaction levels with the quality of our candidates
• Networks that deliver outstanding talent
• Diverse ability: no remit is too small or technical for us to succeed
• Attention to details that are important: more time with clients and a focus on getting to know their business

Sector Knowledge

Our team has vital sector specific knowledge and insight that ensures we can select suitable candidates with the relevant skills. This invaluable first-hand experience and insight gives both our candidates and clients the reassurance that they are dealing with a company that fully understands their industry and requirements and is able to provide expert advice and high quality recruitment solutions.

Track Record

With more than 15 years of experience in Engineering and IT staffing services we have a proven track record of success. We have several innovative initiatives and processes to ensure that we offer our clients a quality service with ultra-fast response. These are tailored to ensure that we successfully meet your specific requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.