Technology Services

We realize the integral role that information technology has globally. Given that the IT industry is a highly demanding market, IQ ensures that our people are future ready.

Big Data & Analytics

Although the demand for big data analytics is high, there is currently shortage of data scientists and other analysts. We respond to this market shortage by helping companies take advantage of our experienced resources.

Robotic Process Automation

Infinity Quest is a platform agnostic automation company, helping customers identify and transform their processes – providing them with an automation vision that fits their business ambitions.
We design and Deliver Automation Solutions that Make a Big Difference.

Enterprise Resource Planning

As the ERP methodology has become more popular, large software applications have been developed to help companies implement ERP. We source staff from our internal and external talent pool that can help companies manage and integrate important parts of their business.

Digital & Cloud

The growth of cloud computing and truly distributed IT environments has created a demand for a new type of IT professionals. We have a very strong network and database for cloud and can provide engineers with a good understanding of many technologies.

Engineering Services

At IQ we’ve played an integral part in the operational and commercial success of large and small engineering businesses throughout the Globe.


At IQ we understand the FMCG market is rapidly growing therefore we liaise with our regular clientele to keep up to date with these current changes.


We understand the construction sector is a passive candidate market. IQ first focused on this industry and has built an impressive candidate base from our number of years’ experience within this field.


At IQ we appreciate the automotive sector is a very complex industry requiring a competent technical workforce. We will provide you with qualified and experienced engineers within multiple disciplines.

Financial Services

Our technology scope covers numerous areas within financial services including commercial, retail and investment banking.

Risk & Compliance

We source risk management candidates who have a strong track record in foreseeing and assessing any financial risks and putting forward viable alternatives.

Banking Operations

Whether you are an investment bank, hedge fund or brokerage firm, we’ll find the right person to support the growth of your business.

Banking Technology

Financial services companies that harness technology successfully have better customer services, superior client interfaces and are more efficient overall.

Finance & Accounting

The success of your business can depend on the capacity of your financial and accounting staff to not only follow due process but also to identify the improvements needed to increase efficiencies.