Grow your revenue and increase your sales teams effectiveness with strategic incentive compensation management system. SAP Commissions is an end-to-end configurable solution that can manage your end to end incentive compensation process from sales order to payment for your direct and indirect sales teams. Using rigid AI recommendations for plan optimization, maximize incentive compensation spend.
Motivate your sales reps by enabling them to forecast commissions, accelerate your sales productivity, adjust deals to maximize the organizations revenue and income. Precisely process complex splits to credit an unlimited number of direct as well as indirect payees across internal as well as external hierarchies for any given sales deal.
Commissions not only reduces the number of disputes and errors you have to deal with, but also makes it easier to address disputes as and when they arise. Commissions system provides deep visibility that eliminates the needs to raise disputes. Compensation inquiries can be resolved with one click traceability feature in seconds.

Complex plans can be created using the preconfigured templates intuitive drag and drop interfaces provided inbuilt by the system. Multiple compensation plans, rules, and rates can be modeled and can be compared side by side to accurately push the best one into production. Get unmatched insights with timely reports. Ability for anyone to in sales operations to create reports natively in salesforce and make them instantly available. Wide variety of reporting options is provided by the system for all the different stakeholders from sales management to finance. Enables sales operations to adjust compensation spend forecast based on pipeline. Sales rep can track their commission anywhere, anytime making the commissions date transparent and visible. Commissions to all major CRM, ERP, and HR systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, NetSuite, Workday and many more. SAP Commissions is integrated both at the data level as well as at the process level providing real-time data insights and the flexibility to execute business processes across your multiple systems.

Benefits of SAP Commissions


Maximize sales performance

Optimize outcomes and simplify compensation management by empowering administrators to create, refine, and distribute effective incentive plans.

Improve the sales experience

With role-based dashboards deliver connected experiences that increase agility delivered seamlessly across devices to motivate the effective behaviors in real time.

Refine sales execution

Minimize risk while optimizing plans for continuous improvement with AI recommendations and enterprise-grade security.

Key Capabilities

Improved plan performance without the need for coding

  • Quickly Model, test, compare, and roll out new plans and promotions without relying on IT
  • Create complex plans easily using drag-and-drop interfaces and preconfigured templates
  • Motivate sales with SPIFFS, bonuses, multipliers, and performance insights

Streamlined dispute resolution

  • Resolve compensation disputes in seconds with one-click traceability, workflow, and audit trails
  • Empower sales reps to raise disputes efficiently with connected tools for faster resolution
  • Keep sales reps motivated and focused on selling with commission estimates and leader boards

Increased revenue and support for strategic goals

  • Balance commission spend to maximize sales and promote profitable sales behaviors
  • Reduce risk with accurate and timely insights to guide effective sales planning
  • With prescriptive AI analysis and recommendations plan performance can be improved

Get maximum value from SAP Commissions


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Security and Compliance

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