Infinity Quest is a platform agnostic automation company,helping customers identify and transform their processes - providing them with an automation vision that fits their business ambitions.

We design and Deliver Automation Solutions that Make a Big Difference.

We partner with customers to augment and accelerate their journey with automation, delivering tangible business outcomes.

Our Strategy


  • Simplify Legacy Systems
  • Cost Optimization through Hyper Automation
  • Drive Localization
  • Integrated Domain IT & Ops Solutions (BPaaS)
  • Alliance Ecosystem


  • Digital Transformation
  • Drive Non-Linearity
  • Domain & Technology Innovation Ecosystem (“DIDI”)
  • Invest in Future Tech – Machine Learning, AI & Data science
Different technologies of Robotic Process Automation

Our Services


Embrace automation to become extraordinary. A consulting partner with deep expertise in automation consulting drawn from a passion for digital transformation.

  • Big picture approach – automation objectives, benefits and ROI measurement definition
  • Platform selection in line with the objectives
  • Use case identification for the pilot
  • Approach for enterprise-wide institutionalization of RPA
  • Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) setup, training and handholding


Simple but not easy. Successful implementation of your automation strategy with the help of any robotic process automation tool, while on one hand may sound simple but is not easy.

  • Strategy roadmap and benefit realization plan with laser focus on return on investment
  • Business case identification and prioritization of processes for automation
  • Change management – enterprise-wide automation workshops
  • Solution development and provisioning
  • Go-live, ongoing support and maintenance


The perfect model for digital transformation. Our automation as a service is the right answer to accelerate your digital transformation journey for growth.

  • Total visibility in the way we automate and orchestrate your business processes
  • Data availability across the enterprise with APIs
  • Meaningful insights into automation consumption patterns via realtime performance dashboards
  • Agile process reviews and continual process improvement plans
  • RPA Governance Council setup to shape the next phase of engagement

Our Expertise in Artificial Intelligence

Our solid background and diverse experience in AI development gives us a competitive edge and distinguishes us from other artificial intelligence development companies. We deliver value to our clients by providing them with solutions in the following AI domains.

Machine Learning

We create and deploy Machine Learning algorithms within your software solutions to improve your business and processes.

  • Analyze clients’ behaviors
  • Discover patterns and anomalies
  • Make predictions and decisions

Deep Learning

Our AI application development team creates Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and uses Deep Learning techniques to boost your company’s performance.

  • Build cognitive frameworks
  • Mimic human responses

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our dev team makes intelligent software solutions that understand people’s speech and writing.

  • Extract data from texts and speech
  • Generate meaningful texts
  • Identify users’ emotions and context

Predictive Analytics (PA)

Let’s use predictive analytics based on the data, statistical algorithms and machine learning algorithms to identify the likelihood of future outcomes – based on available historical data.

  • Predict business-related trends and actions
  • Identify business-critical risks

Our Solutions

Pre-built ready-to-deploy bots to automate individual tasks and complete processes – augmenting your workforce.


Automate your invoice processes in total, end-to-end from the point an invoice enters your finance system till it gets paid.

Contracts & compliance

Automate admin tasks involving frequent updates to financial management, contract writing, e-sourcing solutions, job boards, asset management, and work order processing systems.

Regulatory compliance

Combine expert analysis from research desk with automation and artificial intelligence, to comprehensively monitor and track changes in financial regulations and legislation – in almost real time.

Sales lead generation

Optimize pre-sales process to increase throughput of leads for sales teams and unshackle the team from tedious, manual and often repetitive admin tasks.