Our Approach

Our approach is simple: to listen and understand the needs of our clients and meet their expectations each and every time. Our track record of meeting our clients’ service level expectations is a direct result of our insight, attention to detail and our desire to achieve effective results.

We aim to develop long-term relationships with clients built on consistency of service and an in-depth understanding of their business, culture and goals. Our existing long-term relationships demonstrate that our approach is successful and our services are valued.

Service Delivery Model

Our team of experts analyse the client’s business case and agree on concrete deliverables and deliver at the stipulated timelines.

60% of our clients prefer to opt for IQ’s Service Delivery Model.

3 CV’s

2 Interviews

1 Offer

Our contract ratio shows that for every 3 CVs submitted, 2 will be interviewed and 1 will be offered the contract.

Consulting Services Model

Our consulting team hand holds every client, across their digital-transformation journey, ensuring client satisfaction, cost-savings & maximum efficiency.

40% of our clients prefer to opt for IQ’s Consulting Services Model.

5 CV’s

3 Interviews

1 Offer

Our permanent ratio shows that for every 5 CVs submitted, 3 will be interviewed and 1 will be offered the role.