Data Science Expertise & Methodology


Schedule model runs to provide predictions at selected intervals.

Monitor and tune models.

Data Analytics

Choose appropriate machine learning technique (Predictive Modeling, Forecasting, etc.) Train relevant models.

Feature Engineering

Construct more meaningful features out of raw data.

Data Visualization

Create data visualizations to better understand relationship between variables of interest.

Business Understanding

Brainstorm with business users to identify potential use cases for data analytics.

Data Mining

Identify data sources and pull relevant data to build analytics data-marts.

Data Cleaning

Address the inconsistencies in the data.

Data Exploration

Deep dive into the data to understand what insights can be generated.



Provide your data and receive the results

Analytics Advisory

Develop and implement solutions

Analytics Workshops

Identify business problems to be solved

Managed Services

Dedicated services and support hosted at our location

Analytics Testing

Third party products and solutions validation

Machine Learning

Infinity Quest offers a wide range of machine learning services to transform your business and build customized solutions running on an advanced machine learning algorithm. Our professionals help to provide solutions for businesses using the latest tools and technologies.

Supervised Learning

In this method, the input and output as well as feedback during training will be provided to the system. It also analyzes the accuracy of the system’s prediction during the training process. The main purpose of training is to make the system learn how to map an input to output.

Unsupervised Learning

In this case, no such training is provided, and the system is allowed to find the output on its own. Unsupervised learning is mainly applied to transaction data. It is used for more complex tasks. It uses another iterative method called deep learning to draw some conclusions.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is different from the other types of supervised learning because the system doesn’t need any labeled input-output pairs. Alternatively, the system finds the best possible policy through trial and error.

Our Offerings

Manufacturing Analytics

Product Quality Analytics

Forecasting/Demand Sensing

Supply-Chain Analytics

Inventory Optimization

Warranty Analysis

Utilities & Energy Analytics

Customer Analytics

Outage Prediction

Smart Meter Analytics

Operation Analytics

Asset Management Analytics

Retail Analytics

Loyalty Analytics

Forecasting/Demand Sensing

Personalized Offerings

Portfolio Management

Price & Promotion Analytics

Store Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

Managing Customer Data

Medical Image Analytics

Resource Optimization

BFSI Analytics

Customer Analytics

Personalized Offerings

Operation Analytics