SAP CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), is an accurate sales tool for enterprises of all magnitude to swiftly generate precise quotes for orders. CPQ integrates and work in-sync with CRM and ERP applications. It facilitates generating from simple to complex quotes and configurable products with a simple and user-friendly interface. Effort and time spent in creating complex quotes by the sales rep will be drastically reduced using CPQ. Every relevant information is pulled together automatically by CPQ assisting the sales rep to generate quotes quickly and swiftly.
Even a newbie can create accurate quotes with simplicity and precision using CPQ ensuring no sales is lost to the competitor. Greatly helpful guided selling options are available at handy disposal to accurately nail down to the required product in a complex list of categories and products.
Pricing, discounts and approvals can be automated using SAP CPQ to maximize revenue and margins and also assists the sales rep with color tags to determine margins ensuring the products are not sold with very low or no margins.

• Seamless integration with any existing CRM and ERP systems
• Synchronized sales data
• Considerably less time spent on Proposal Generation and Alterations
• Fast and accurate Quote Process
• Precise quotes leading to accurate orders
• No more missed opportunities of Up selling and Cross Selling
• Enhanced marketing strategy for better revenues
• Accurate visibility to Price Changes
• Increased productivity of sales rep


Products and services can be configured with extreme flexibility using SAP CPQ. Unlimited categories and subcategories with millions of products can be configured with ease by the sales rep using CPQ.

Part numbers can be intelligently derived and any part number can be validated effortlessly using the product configurator.

With the Guided selling option sales rep will be presented with simple questions to guide them to the right product and also suggest alternates that are best suited for the specific need of the customer.

Effective dates feature can be used by the sales rep to exactly launch and discontinue products by which the products/ features will automatically be removed from the catalog eliminating the need to maintain duplicate data. The system will automatically suggest equivalent products based on competitors part number using the rules to exactly match or near match with automated competitor cross reference.


Flexible Product Definition

Product to be configured to a very granular level with CPQ. Any part number can be validated precisely even with billions of part numbers available in the system using the intelligent derivation methodology of part numbers.


Manage Countless Products

Unlimited categories, subcategories and products can be maintained with ease using the product catalog. Multimedia images, videos and graphics  are supported in product catalog making it easier for the sales rep to exactly find the required product and configurations.


Analysis of Competition

Competitor part number can be entered by the sales rep and using automated cross reference of competitor, CPQ will suggest equivalent products/ alternate products based on the rules for exact or near match. User will also be alerted if the matching product is unavailable.


Guided Selling

Sales rep is presented with all the required information to find the exact product and as well suggest alternate products by probing simple question based on the rules defined in the system using the Guided Selling feature.


Products can be priced competitively using SAP CPQ and provides the advantages of upselling and cross-selling. Any complex pricing calculations can be handled with ease. A streamlined approval process defined by CPQ through which the product may need to be approved at multiple levels before being accepted as the final price which will be the most optimal and competitive price for the products and services.


Cross Sell and Up Sell

Real time sales guidance will be provided by CPQ to upsell or cross sell products  helping the sales rep to understand and leverage the options available. Recommendation of premium products or incentives offers for alternate product or increased quantity can be automated using CPQ. The system would also suggest related products, accessories and services.

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Multi Level Pricing

This pricing feature handles pricing based on different geographies and markets which may include currency conversions, recurring fees/ one time fee, purchases, leases and other relevant scenarios. CPQ supports geographies, currencies and supports partner channels which can control and display pricing, product availability, geography, industry, customer and discounts according to channels.


Automated and Streamlined Approvals

The margin/ profit health is indicated clearly using color codes by CPQ throughout the negotiation process to ensure the product is sold at the optimal price with optimal margins. The quote requires approval for a number of reasons like margins, discounts, non-standard terms, delivery time, etc. which can be set by the administrator. The system will automatically trigger the approval process when the criteria defined by administrator is met. Quotes that do not trigger the approval will be accepted automatically to speed up quote delivery.


An elegant, aesthetic and precise quote can be generated using the in built templates after the final price is derived. SAP CPQ provides greater flexibility to add or remove various sections to the quotes to make it more relevant. The quotes can be flexibly saved in various formats for easy access and editing when required. Quotes supports multiple reviews and approvals similar to pricing to make it more accurate and uncompromised.

Infinity-quest-SAP-CPQ-Integration/ Mobility

Integration/ Mobility

Any CRM and ERP can be seamlessly integrated with CPQ enabling the pertinent data to be available within the system. The best viewing and working experience achieved on all devices including mobile phones and tablets as CPQ is build using Unified interface. Offline devices supported by CPQ where any required data can be downloaded offline and the updates being synced later when the device is online.


Automated Quotes

In CPQ, the quotes can be created with a click of button and the quote will be formatted uniform and elegant. The quotes created automatically by the system can include graphics, charts and tables for accurate representation of information. If the CRM is integrated with CPQ, the quote will be updated automatically in the integrated  and synced making the quote available in CRM to ensure the forecast is kept up to the minute.


Quote Review

The quotes may be required to undergo stringent review process several times based on the quote complexity to ensure the most relevant and accurate information is delivered to the customer. Versioning of quotes is supported by CPQ when a quote is updated through the negotiation process. All the versions of the quote will be readily available in the system for review and side by side data comparison of different versions.

Infinity-quest-SAP-CPQ-Versatile/ Custom Templates

Versatile/ Custom Templates

Quote templates can be created and maintained in CPQ with ease. The system provides flexibility to add additional sections like data sheets, brochures, specification documents, etc to the quotes. The final and completed quotes can be sent to the customer and the system also provides options to track any events like the time when the customer receive and review them.